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For Brick & Mortar Retailers

Tired of losing sales to non-retailer sites? Tired of paying high prices for web services which truly don’t work and/or don’t understand your requirements for the Lighting Industry?

We understand what your business, we care about the industry. In the face of great change, we aim to make your showroom business more successful.

Welcome to socialLighting we are here to help and are lifetime Lighting Industry professionals with over two decades of eCommerce experience.

We additionally offer multiple other services for your company to take advantage of that will help and support your day to day operations and connect you closer with consumers both on and offline. Get socialized today by requesting a consultation or marketplace from one of our socialites.

Some of our Key Benefits for Retail Showrooms


No programming cost when using provided template(s). You can also customize on your own or get a quote from us to customize for you.

No setup up fees or annual fees for content or changes.

No Fees when ordering direct from manufacturers.

No hosting or maintenance fees if used as your white labeled main website.

Service & maintenance packages are available.

No Advertising fees during socialLighting advertising campaigns nationally.

No member fees to sell products within your store or popup locations (tradeshows) via barcode scanning.

No service or shipping fees if you use your own payment and shipping process when products sell on your private white labeled socialLighting site. (payment gateway and shipping services available).

Approval Processes

Request manufacturers products lines you currently and/or interested in selling. Receive requests from manufacturers who would like your store to sell their products.

Once approved you can deactivate, suspend, block or activate manufacturer accounts on the fly. When suspended or deactivated the approved products will not display on your front end store or socialLighting B2C2B Marketplace.

Services & Features

Secure! Your information, customers and transactions are protected and not operating on open-source content management system.

Use the service as your main white labeled website or just an account.

Request to sell products from current or new manufacturers through socialLighting administration.

Activate/Deactivate manufacturers or products at your convenience.

Order products at tradeshows whether or not you attend.

Order products from manufacturers daily, weekly, monthly at your own convenience.

Add, remove and sell non-lighting products not within our database (example: furniture, deco items or other) within your own account only.

Have products either shipped from your location or the manufacturers. (If the manufacturer approves).

Add installation services for each product, geolocated by consumers distance from your service area.

Activate/Deactivate your account at any time.

Have ECO Fee’s or other services’ charges, set within the admin for during checkout order process.

When orders received from socialLighting marketplace, you control the order from start to finish.

Ability to adjust shipping rates on an item per item basis.

Use manufacturers IMAP pricing or adjust pricing to your levels.

Have product sales, rewards programs for consumers.

Sell eGift Cards.

If you have multiple locations, set up sub-stores within your main account.


Select from a variety of templates, upload images, be up in running under a week after verification by socialLighting and manufacturers approvals.

Powerful voice and text search features.

Use socialLighting menu or create your own format.

Have access to our templates to create your own layout without socialLighting staff and fees.

Prioritize all products to your own particular order by vendor, products or custom. Purchase advertising subscription service and generate additional revenue via product placements and banner adverting.

Style the website to be fully functional with how your business operates.

Mobile & tablet responsive ready on all device types and operating systems.

Scalable inventory - tested to 1 million products.

Scalable categories - tested up to 10,000 categories.

Facebook and Google, Oauth2, SAML single sign-on options.

Video products & instructions (If the manufacturer uploads to their socialLighting account).

Manufacturer updates information on products.


Upload inventory levels daily or integrate your ERP to the socialLighting system for live feeds.

Have access to manufacturer’s inventory levels and display on your website account. (When approved by manufacturers).

Upload inventory of products hanging in your showroom, for consumers to book appointments to view (monthly service fee). Viewable on the national site.

Share inventory levels through multiple locations via geolocation or availability, easy to accommodate multiple store locations under one account.

If you have no stock, the system uses the manufacturer’s inventory to complete the purchase.

Accept backorders, customer updated on availability from manufacturer stock levels, if all your locations and manufacturers’ locations have no inventory.

Social Lighting permits retailers not only easily add products from manufacturers to their site but also send backorders to manufacturers to dropship with shipping addresses prefilled with no additional effort!


Use our socialLighting shipping accounts or own shipping business methods.

Drop ship from manufacturers if approved by them.

Allow customers to pick up orders.

Geolocation Processing

Receive all orders from consumers closest to your geolocation and or products availability within the national area from socialLighting B2C2B Marketplace (commission based).

If an item sells on the socialLighting marketplace that only your store sells, you receive the order from any location in your country of business.

No price gouging, consumer only views price available in their geolocation, no product duplications from same manufacturers.

Geolocation territories assigned by manufacturers via postal zip codes unless no other account with manufacturers products.

Set product installation services from miles/kilometers from your store. If product is available to consumers outside your set region, no installation services will be available.

Upload showroom display inventory for consumers to book an appointment to view products in person from socialLighting B2C2B marketplace and private personalized white label website.

Online Traffic into Offline Visits to Your Store

Upload showroom display inventory, consumers can book an appointment through socialLighting Marketplace instead of buying online from product info pages.

Allow socialLighting Marketplace to sell eGift Cards to be used on & offline within your store.

Job business obtained by socialLighting will be directed to retailers within their geolocation.