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For Sales Agencies

We at socialLighting recognize the importance of the lighting sale representatives and agencies throughout North America and globally around the world. Which is why we are currently working hard at new software additions to include them thought out all our systems. Manufacturers will be able to assign sales representatives to each retailer allowing them to interact, view sales on all marketplaces and gain access to all types of reporting online. We also would like sales representative to be able to profit from us and the services we provide.

For more information please contact us, on details available below and future software systems launching within the next 4 to 10 months.

Some of our Key Benefits for Sale Agencies

Features Developed in Beta Testing

Points to Dollars Rewards Program, earn points on every order you process using our bar code ordering system for manufacturers and retailers who have joined our network. Points are accumulated for every order you process whether scanning in Dallas Market or other tradeshows, within your customers showroom and/or on the road scanning bar codes from a catalogue. For every successful order processed by the manufacturer to the retailer you will earn points which are turned into dollars and paid out to you on a monthly basis with no fees to the manufacturers or the retailers.

Features Currently in Development

Approval system for manufacturers to approve sales representatives and assign them to retail locations within their territory. Once assigned the sales agency or representative will have access to sales information from retailers to manufacturers and reports associated to those accounts.

White labelled website templates, sale agencies will be able to use our systems for their own personal websites. Every time they are approved by a new manufacturer their line card online will also be updated. Custom sites are available and can be quoted on by socialLighting if requested.

Commission sales from the socialLighting B2C2B national marketplace, when approved by manufacturers and assigned to retailers. Anytime there is a direct sale to the consumer within our B2C2B marketplace you will receive an extra commission (TBD) from us. No extra fees or charges to the manufacturers or retailers, just a bonus from to show gratitude for using and supporting our software.

Many more features as well in the concept & development phases to come.