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socialLighting is committed to the lighting industry and to all the manufacturers, brick & mortar showrooms and sales agencies who join and use our services. We are continuously screening and building our Network Partners to help save time and money for all our socialLights who take advantage of all our online services. Receive special discounts and/or extra services from the list of our network partners below which is available to all our customers who actively use our services for more than 4 months, and are true supports of the Lighting Brick & Mortar Industry. Take advantage and get socialized today with socialLighting Corporation.

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We supply teardrop rack products throughout North America, manufactured in our exclusive CWB approved factory. Our products are designed to meet RMI requirements in the USA, and suitable for a variety of warehouse and storefront applications. We also supply custom products and services including engineering and project management services. visit our site

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For Total Quality Assurance across safety, performance, and energy efficiency, Intertek has the expertise to quickly bring lighting products to global markets. With a heritage born from Thomas Edison in 1896, we have built an international business model designed to get your high-quality products to market faster than the competition. Not only can Intertek get your product tested and certified for domestic and international markets, we offer the industry's only complete quality management solution - assurance, testing, inspection, and certification to mitigate risk and drive your competitive advantage! visit our site